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It turns out that Seliu Island has long been known, this picture from the 18th century to the 20th century.

The proof on the map of Sumatra island in 1728. On the map, the island of Belitung has not been completely drawn. But the name of the Seliu island has been recorded and written under the name “P.Hio of Leo“. Then in 1753’s map, a similar map appeared but it was colored. It was strange because it turned out that Seliu Island and Belitung Island were given different colors. Seliu Island is colored a light blue, similar to the color of the Bangka island. The west coast of Kalimantan, and some areas along the Musi river in Palembang. Read more …




Seliu, a quite unique name for an island. But how exactly was Seliu’s name exist? There are several folklores about the name of Seliu. Because the name Seliu has been there for a long time, the local themselves also do not know the origin name for Seliu.

The first folklore version of the origin name for Seliu is named it after the Dutch set first foot on Seliu Island. According to the story of an elder and religious local leader, kakek Saleh, formerly Seliu name was Cempedak Island. Because, Seliu island had many Cempedak tress. Cempedak is a sort of jackfruit look a like and commonly cooked as a vegetable side dish. But everything was changed when the Dutch began to come to Indonesia. It is said that when a Dutchman first set foot on Cempedak Island, his feet were “Seliu”. In local language, Seliu means to sprain. Since then, Cempedak Island has changed to Seliu Island. But that is just one of the legends on Seliu Island, no one will know for sure the authenticity of the story.

The second folklore version is told by younger generation than kakek Saleh. In Seliu there were many traditional vehicles called Liu-Liu. It is a kind of wheelbarrow where the components are made of wood and consist of one wheel. The cart is usually used by local residents to transport various kinds of goods. When the cart run, it made a sound “liu liu liu ….”. Because most of residents used liu-liu carts, almost all corners of the island sound “liu-liu“.

It turns out there is still one more version of folklore circulating on this island. This time the source is from Mr. Mansyur, one of the Seliu local resident. Once upon a time, a lot of pirates who landed on Seliu Island. Seliu Island has some sacred warriors on duty to block pirates to enter the island. One time, there was a fierce war between the sacred warriors and the pirates. The war took place in the Air Arak area, west side of the island. The origin of the name Seliu Island in the third version is almost the same as the first version. When the battle took place, one of the scared warrior was slipped off. Be the island named Seliu Island.


The Beautiful Realm of Seliu Island

The Island Profile

Seliu Island is in an archipelago of Bangka Belitung Province, Indonesia. A small island with an area of ​​14,800,000 m2 or 1480 hectares is located south of Belitung Island. Astronomically this island is located at the position of coordinate points 03 ° 13.13 ‘South Latitude and 107 ° 31.47’ East Longitude, making this area tropical like the region in Indonesia in general. The boundaries of Seliu Island are as follows:

  1. West Boundary
  2. East Boundary
  3. North Boundary
  4. South Boundary

Seliu Island consists of one village area, Seliu Island Village. This village is divided by Gaspar Strait, Village Perpat sea, Desa Padang Kandis sea, Java sea in two hamlets. Seliu Island village is in Membalong sub-district, Belitung Regency.

Based on the 2015 village data, the island is inhabited by 1145 people with a population of 593 men and 552 women. The majority population in this village is migration from Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan. The people on this island are all Muslims.

Seliu Island, in terms of its topography, does not have mountains and hills. There is also no river on the island. But on this island there are quite large muddy swamps in the southern part of the island. Most of these islands are still forested areas and some have been opened and used as plantations / farms and community settlements.

The livelihood of the people of Seliu Island is dominated by working as fishermen, namely 85% while the rest work as civil servants, farmers, entrepreneurs and others. The main fishermen’s commodities here are crabs and shrimp. Existing and growing plantations in the village of Pulau Seliu are forest rubber plantations, pepper, palm oils and other vegetables.

How to get there?

Going south to Membalong from Tanjung Pandan City. It takes 1 and 30 hours by bus. At Membalong, take another trip to Teluk Gembira Port. From here, the journey continues. A speedboat may carry you to Seliu Island. A local fisherman’s boat could be an alternate transportation.

Development Plans

Glorious small island becomes a new destination with eco-green environment for everyone.

The concept of developing the village of Seliu Island emphasizes more on the coastal tourism sector and cultural tourism. Based on the analysis results, the concept of developing the Seliu Island Village is more directed to the planning model for Sustainable Coastal Tourism. The concept of sustainable coastal tourism means tourism can meet the needs of tourists and tourist destinations in the present, while protecting and encouraging similar opportunities in the future. Sustainable tourism leads to the management of all resources in such a way that economic, social, aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, biodiversity essential ecological processes and life support systems (WTO, 1980).

A prestigious plot for a living, offering residents the utmost charming atmosphere in breathtaking natural surroundings.

This concept puts forward integration between tourism, conservation, and community empowerment. The concept implementation emphasizes more on developing coastal tourism, registered trees and lands, revived Japanese lake, mangroves and 80% part of the Island is allocated for Eco-green tourism. Also emphasizes in cultural tourism by highlighting local culture as the main attraction.

Who’s Who

Moyang Community intends to align the Masterplan for developing areas of Seliu island community with the Vision, Mission and Planning of Bangka Belitung Province. Moyang Community also intends to integrate the value of Seliu biodiversity and eco-green tourism of existing natural resources to enhance sustainable development.

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